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Mesquite Tree

Mesquite Wood

The Mesquite Tree

The American Hardwood Association classifies Mesquite as REPLENISHABLE. Our mesquite lumber is harvested from rescued or re-claimed mesquite trees on ranches and farms throughout South Texas. That makes our production method a "GREENER" alternative to imported exotics.

Texas Mesquite

Texas Mesquite is a survivor. Often in competition with grazing cattle lands because it can out grow grazing grasses. Clearing brush is a priority for land management in Texas. For years ranchers have burned and battled "the encroachment" of Mesquite and prickly pear.

Mesquite Hardwood Dozing


Texas Mesquite - The AMERICAN Hardwood

In recent years due to an increase in the demand for American Hardwood and Mesquite wood products this once pesky nuisance has become an economy booster in areas where other markets struggle.
Born in the USA! Instead of simply burning the cleared brush Sekula Sawmilling works directly with ranchers to harvest the cleared Mesquite Wood. Our mesquite is harvested and milled right here in the great state of Texas and delivered to your jobsite, straight from the mill. No middle man means the best possible prices and environmentally streamlined production.

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Mesquite wood logs


Mesquite Wood reclaimed in Texas


Milling Mesquite Wood

Milling Mesquite wood involves re-sawing the reclaimed wood into planks and drying it. The drying process involves placing the wood in a dryer heated by a furnace. The "fall-off" or waste from the sawmilling process serves as the combustible material used in the furnace to heat the dryer which makes this a pretty "green" operation.
The dryer has a radiator that brings the temperature to a steady 160 - 170 degrees F. The mesquite wood remains in the dryer for 12-14 days to ensure indigenous wood insects are killed. Residual Moisture after process ranges from 10-12%.


Mesquite Wood and Lumber Mill Drying process


According to the Janka Hardness Scale, Mesquite is nearly twice as hard as oak (MESQ@ 2345 vs OAK @ 1290)making it the most stable and best performing hardwood flooring option available for US grown woods.


From wet to dry Mesquite loses less than 5% of its overall volume while other woods lose in excess of 15%. This means a mesquite floor is much less likely to move during extreme weather changes


Mesquite Flooring & Lumber ready for custom milling


Milling Mesquite Flooring

Mesquite wood that is destined to be mesquite flooring is ripped and the surfaced plained with a double headed surface plainer.
To create mesquite flooring strips, the mesquite wood plank will be "molded", giving the flooring strips their tongue and groove feature as well as the grooves on the bottom. Finally, the strips are chopped and the ends squared. At this point, the mesquite flooring boards are 1/2" or 3/4" thick.


Mesquite Flooring & Lumber ready for custom milling


Custom Milling Mesquite Wood

Larger, thicker, wider, character pieces of mesquite wood are destined to become mesquite tables, countertops, bar tops, and specialty accent pieces.
Mesquite wood orders are shipped by freight carrier on pallets or in some circumstances, crated for LTL box truck shipping.


Mesquite Flooring & Lumber ready for custom milling


Mesquite Flooring & Lumber ready for custom milling


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