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Mesquite Wood Flooring - Dining Room

Mesquite Flooring


Mesquite Flooring is both Rustic and extremely elegant at the same time. It has the rare quality of being at home in an old town tavern setting or the centerpiece in any modern commercial project.
This blend of “rustic elegance” allows Mesquite hardwood flooring to fit into almost any wood oriented design scheme. From Rustic and Cozy to sophisticated and modern, a Texas Mesquite floor can set your project apart making it both unique and beautiful.


Mesquite Wood Flooring - Hardwood Dining Room Mesquite Floor
Mesquite Wood Floor - 7" Beveled Planks Strips


Mesquite Flooring End Grain
Mesquite Flooring - End Grain


The American Hardwood Association classifies Mesquite as REPLENISHABLE. Our mesquite lumber is harvested from rescued or re-claimed mesquite trees on ranches and farms throughout South Texas. Clearing land free of charge saves farmers and ranchers money and makes practical and efficient use of a wood that would otherwise be destroyed. That makes our production method a "GREENER" alternative to imported exotics.


Sekula Sawmilling works directly with ranchers to harvest the cleared Mesquite Wood. Our mesquite is harvested and milled right here in the great State of Texas and delivered to your jobsite, straight from the mill. No middle man means the best possible prices and environmentally streamlined production.


Mesquite Wood Flooring 7 inch Bevelled Millrun

Mesquite Wood Flooring - 7" Beveled Millrun

Mesquite Wood Flooring

Teak, Mahogany and Mesquite are equally ranked as the most stable hardwoods in the world. Better than Oak!
From wet to dry Mesquite wood loses less than 5% of its overall volume while other woods lose in excess of 15%. This means a mesquite hardwood floor is much less likely to move during extreme weather changes. That stability to the consumer means this wood will perform well in any climate hot or cold, humid or dry. The wood does not degrade in any weather condition.
Anyone, anywhere in the world, can use Mesquite wood to enhance the beauty of their hardwood flooring project and expect it to perform when properly cared for.


Mesquite Wood Flooring - Mesquite Floor with End-Grain Accent
Mesquite Flooring with End-Grain Accent


Mesquite Floor End Grain
Mesquite Floor with End-Grain Center Accent


Mesquite Flooring - Herringbone Pattern

Mesquite Flooring - 2" X 12" Herringbone Pattern

According to the Janka Hardness Scale, Mesquite is nearly twice as hard as oak (MESQ@ 2345 vs OAK @ 1290)making it the most stable and best performing hardwood flooring option available for US grown woods.


From wet to dry Mesquite loses less than 5% of its overall volume while other woods lose in excess of 15%. This means a mesquite floor is much less likely to move during extreme weather changes.


Mesquite End-Grain Hardwood Flooring

Wood Thickness of 1/2" and 3/4" with Standard Sizes of: 3" x RANDOM (3" to 8"), 3" x 4", 3" x 5", 4" x 4", 6" x 6", 8" x 8"
Available Grades: Rustic, Millrun, #1&BTR and Select


Mesquite End-Grain Flooring  Mesquite End-Grain


Mesquite Flooring End Grain  Mesquite End-Grain Floor


Mesquite Hardwood Strip Flooring  Mesquite Floor - 3" X 5" Beveled End-Grain


Mesquite Flooring End Grain  Mesquite Strip Floor Strip with End-Grain Edge


The Residual Moisture of our mesquite wood after the furnace drying process ranges from 6 -12%. The mesquite wood remains in the dryer for 12-14 days to ensure indigenous wood insects are killed.


During installation we recommend gluing mesquite wood flooring instead of nailing it as nails may cause the wood to split and crack. This is especially true for #1 and Better mesquite grade.


Mesquite Flooring - Beveled End-Grain  Mesquite Flooring - Beveled End-Grain


Mesquite Flooring End Grain  Mesquite Plank Flooring 7" Beveled


Beveled Mesquite endgrain  Mesquite Flooring - 3" X 3" and 6"X 6" Beveled End Grain

Mesquite Wood Strip Floors

Unfinished or Pre-Finished flooring.

Standard wood floor thickness of 1/2" and 3/4".  

Standard widths of:   3",   4",   5",   6",   7",   8".

As a custom mill, we can produce wood floor thicknesses ranging from 3/8" to 1 1/2" and ANY wood floor widths ranging from 2" to 8", i.e., 2.5", 4.75", 5.25", etc. 

Available Grades: Rustic, Millrun, #1&BTR and Select
The logs produced from a Mesquite tree are usually much shorter than other species since the tree branches curl in many instances. This makes it harder to find long enough branches to produce longer planks, making such planks a rarity. Commonly available lengths of Mesquite Flooring depend on the width, for example:
3" wide strips average 26" - 30" in length

4" wide strips average 30" - 34" in length

5" wide strips average 34" - 38" in length
We can mill longer lengths but at additional cost depending on width and mesquite wood grade.

Mesquite Hardwood Herringbone Style


Mesquite Hardwood Endgrain  Mesquite Floor - Endgrain

Mesquite Floor - Herringbone Pattern Mesquite Floor - Herringbone Pattern


Mesquite Wood Strip Flooring & End-Grain Accent

Mesquite Wood - Grade Descriptions

* Rustic Mesquite grade: Cracks are 1/4" in width or less. Knot holes are 1 inch or less in width, typically filled with epoxy. "Rustic" floor consists of Millrun grade on entire mesquite floor.


** Millrun Mesquite Grade: Cracks are 1/8" in width. Knots are 1/2" or less in width. Millrun floor consists of approximately 60% clear, 40% cracked.


*** #1 and Better Mesquite Grade: Few if any cracks are found. Cracks are 1/16" or less in width. Knots are 1/4" or less (size of a #2 pencil). #1 Mesquite flooring grade consists of approximately 75% clear, 25% cracked.


**** Select Mesquite Grade: NO cracks, NO knots. Wood is CLEAR.


Mesquite End-Grain Flooring  Mesquite Floor - Plank strips with light stain finish


Mesquite Flooring End Grain  Mesquite Floor - with accent edge


Mesquite Flooring - Mesquite Hardwood Flooring


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