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Mesquite Wood Countertops

A Texas Mesquite Counter Top or mesquite hardwood island can set your kitchen project apart making it both unique and beautiful. Mesquite hardwood countertops are twice as hard as oak and twice as durable. Mesquite is the most stable and best performing option available for US grown woods. For the year-round pleasure of living with the beauty and durability of this wood, consider a one-of-a-kind mesquite countertop, island or bar top made from reclaimed mesquite trees.


Bull Nose Mesquite Countertop (2) Bull Nose Mesquite Countertop


Mesquite Wood Kitchen Island  (3) Mesquite Wood Kitchen Island


Mesquite Wood Countertop (4) Mesquite Wood Countertop


Mesquite Flooring End Grain (5) Mesquite Hardwood Island


The American Hardwood Association classifies Mesquite as REPLENISHABLE. Our mesquite lumber is harvested from rescued or re-claimed mesquite trees on ranches and farms throughout South Texas. Clearing land free of charge saves farmers and ranchers money and makes practical and efficient use of a wood that would otherwise be destroyed. That makes our production method a "GREENER" alternative to imported exotics.


Sekula Sawmilling works directly with ranchers to harvest the cleared Mesquite Wood. Our mesquite is harvested and milled right here in the great state of Texas and delivered to your jobsite, straight from the mill. No middle man means the best possible prices and environmentally streamlined production.


Mesquite Wood Countertop  (6) Custom Mesquite Wood Countertop with natural edge


Mesquite Countertop  (7) Mesquite Countertop


Mesquite Kitchen Island (8) 1 3/4" thick Mesquite Kitchen Island


Mesquite Wood Kitchen Island (9) 1 3/4" thick Mesquite Island with strip


Mesquite Bar Tops


Mesquite Bar Top with natural edge (10) 2 1/2" thick Mesquite Bar Top with eye burl edge


Mesquite Hardwood Bar Top (11) Mesquite Hardwood Bar Top with eye burl edge


Mesquite Mantel

Mesquite Wood Mantel


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